Seasonal Business Cash Flow Tips

Seasonal business can be very profitable for entrepreneurs the few months that their services or products are needed/popular. But some expenses of the business may continue throughout the year and cash flow management can be an issue. Here are some simple tips that can help you with this and maybe even increase your profits!

Improve your consumer targeting

Starting a conversation with your customers before your competitors do can be beneficial, even a few months before your busy season. Offer exclusive things like sneak peeks, special pricing, reward or loyalty programs…

Close or rent your physical storefront

Make sure customers know you’re still open for business on the phone and online. Leasing a building, or renting one you own out to another seasonal business can help you save/earn money during those slow periods, not to mention the savings on employees, general expenses, utility costs, etc.

Plan out your expenses for the year

Any recurring expenses, with a margin of safety included, should be calculated so there are no surprises when business expectedly slows down.

Diversify your products/services

Start offering other things that can be used during other seasons of the year so you don’t have a huge cash flow slowdown for the entire rest of the year. What else can you get excited about selling or offering?

Apply for a line of credit

Especially for newer businesses, you might not have enough savings to keep you going during your slow months. Even with some diversification, a marketing budget is usually needed to get your other offerings out there. A line of credit or small business loan is often very helpful in these situations.


To find out if your seasonal business qualifies for financial assistance, fill out our simple application and enjoy a less stressful off-season!

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