Worldwide Capital Management equipment financing has specific advantages over other types of financing or purchasing with cash which can be crucial to your company’s success. Our term and payment structure of the equipment lease are fixed once the lease is approved, so you know exactly what your payment will be every month and to help you better forecast your cash flow.

Flexible Small Business Equipment Financing

However, we are flexible to unforeseen needs so can adjust payments by lengthening or shortening the term of your lease. Significant sales tax and installation charges may also be added into the lease financing, but in most cases the full amount of each lease payment is deductible for tax purposes*; and choosing a residual based or fair market value lease transfers some of the risk of holding onto obsolete equipment. An equipment lease through Worldwide Capital Management can be much more advantageous than other types of financing or bank loans. Consider the types of leases that might be right for your business:

Fair Market Value Lease

Fair market value leases are traditional lease agreements with lower monthly payments than a buyout. You have three options when the term of your equipment lease ends:

  • You can purchase your leased equipment at fair market value
  • Renew the equipment lease
  • Return the equipment – an excellent option for customers expecting a decrease in the value of their leased equipment

Dollar Buy-Out Lease

With this equipment lease financing option, at the end of your lease term, you “buy” your equipment for just a $1. This is an attractive option for companies who know their equipment will not lose value and are looking to keep their equipment at the end of the lease.

High Cost Equipment

Worldwide Capital Management offers commercial leasing for large equipment purchases over $100,000. Many banks will include equipment leases on your business available credit and reduce your credit line limits accordingly. By doing business with Worldwide Capital Management, your equipment leases won’t affect your available bank credit.


$5,000-$500,000 Equipment Financing

Our program specializes in business equipment financing essential to owners that have had been declined due to credit or financial difficulties, nature of their business, or type of equipment.

What we need to get you approved:

  • Completed Application
  • Equipment Quote/Invoice
  • Summary Pages from last six months of bank account(s)
  • Background story on borrowing entity and explanation of the equipment’s intended use

* Consult your tax adviser to make sure the type of equipment lease you are entering into allows for a tax benefit.

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