Orange County, CA: Term Loans for Business Expansion and Growth

Orange County, CA: Term Loans to Implement Your Business Plans

 Before you start any business, you need to have a good idea of what you want to achieve because what you choose will affect how your business progresses in the next few years. A business plan is a guideline about how the business will start up and run – a detailed explanation of business ideas and how the business will be put into operation, what the expected turnover will be as well as expected profits. The business plan will also explain where your initial financing will come from.

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Term loans for a business will finance the business in terms of investing in assets such as equipment or even a vehicle. The repayment terms will be determined by what the asset is. Computers, desks and chairs may require 24 months to pay them off, whereas a vehicle or even building additions may be offered at terms ranging between 10 – 25 years. So term loans are often secured by the very items or fixed property they’re used for to purchase, but there are other conditions that come into play as well.

Financing allows You to Achieve Your Business Goals


Term loans are a great option for small businesses, and you can receive financing with minimal monthly payments. With Worldwide Capital Management (WCM), headquartered in  Irvine, California, they can provide a financial solution that is 100% suited to your specific business challenges. With their terms loans you can borrow a handsome sum of anything between $4,000 to $500,000 over 1 to 5 years to achieve any of the many business goals you have.

These goals can include many different things such as –

investing in new equipment, machinery or vehicles
expanding your business
hiring more staff
money being needed to launch trade shows, advertising campaigns, promotions – anything that can be used to bring more customers looking for your business.
With WCM, they make funding for your business spending easy too. They know that any kind of business can suddenly require immediate funding for some or other venture. To this end they have already funded many enterprises and been a part of them achieving their goals and success. The benefits of term loans include –

tailored solutions – with a good understanding of your business
business term loans for your unique needs
flexible terms – sought after borrowing terms to ensure excellent lending solutions with clarity regarding interest rates and repayment terms
●competitive interest rates for business loans

Choose Your Lender Carefully

Term loans can be offered by finance companies, commercial banks or any other non-bank lending companies. You often hear that small businesses looking for a term loan from banks sit with quite a few obstacles with getting their loans approved. Those who applied with other lenders on the other hand, had much higher approval rates.

Term loans come with fees which are set when you take out the loan. It’s always a good idea to check with the lender whether these fees need to be paid up front or added onto the loan balance. Like any loan, term loans have interest charged on the amount you borrow. This will depend on the current rate, as well as the type of rate structure you negotiate. The interest on term loans will depend on things like –

►the current index rate
►the length of the loan terms
►the perceived credit risk linked to your loan.

Term loan interest rates are fixed or variable. A fixed rate is where the interest rate stays the same for the entire length of your loan, regardless of events in the capital markets. Variable rate loans on the other hand, are based on an interest rate index, directly associated with the lender’s cost of capital. This means that as the lender’s cost of capital fluctuates, going up or down, so does the rate also fluctuate.

For a small business, while credit cards can cut it for business expenses like office supplies or travel, term loans are meant for those high-cost purchases that are going to score for your business over a longer period of time.

Applying for a term loan will require submitting information about your business and its principles. To increase your chances of having your term loan approved it can be good to have a –

●detailed business plan that explains why you need financing
●resumes for the business owners
●business financial statements for up to the past three years
●tax returns for the business and its owners
●information about the assets to be purchased

The turnaround time for an approval decision is always fairly quick, based on how quickly you provide documents and information. WCM believes that every business they deal with is a viable proposition and they also know that a business has target dates for completing each task and they don’t delay, knowing full well that delays can affect the successful operation of a business. Do your homework in advance and only deal with reputable lenders.

Get Your Business Up and Running – Soon

Before you submit any documents for finance, read them thoroughly and understand what’s at stake before signing. A term loan is a splendid idea for financing capital improvements, buying vehicles and real estate as well as for purchasing equipment, and they come with favorable rates. The success of your business depends on your lender, and Worldwide Capital Management has multiple offices throughout the nation ready to help with your term loan and ensure there is no wasting of time with your new business endeavors.

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